for the South African Lucky Numbers Market

Datagame Analytics provides high value jackpots for regulated lucky numbers bets.


Datagame Analytics provides high value jackpots for regulated lucky numbers bets. By using block chain technology to store, validate and independently result lottery and lucky numbers bets, Datagame Analytics is able to provide up to R1 billion worth of lucky numbers jackpots per client.

Datagame Analytics warranty solution has been devised by industry professionals and is officially approved by the Western Cape Gambling Board.



Is your balance sheet unable to keep pace with your competitor payouts? Are your Lucky Numbers cash reserves carrying too much risk for comfort. 

Datagame understands your concerns and can offer payouts from R3 million up to R1 billion by providing you with a full warranty solution on all of your payouts linked to lucky numbers jackpots. Not only does this make you far more competitive, but it also releases your hard won cash reserves for other purposes.


Lucky Numbers Jackpots have fixed odds, meaning that all bookmakers will offer the products to customers at exactly the same minimum price but still allowing for significant margin. Datagame Analytics does not permit any variations to its fixed minimum odds pricing regardless of volume.

This not only promotes healthy margins for all bookmakers using this product, but also mitigates inevitable price wars traditionally associated with this product.


Datagame Analytics offers warranty payouts for the following top tier prizes for the most popular lotteries from around the world.


Min. Jackpot Warranty

Max. Jackpot Warranty
France LottoR6mR45m
SA LottoR7mR59,5m
SA PowerballR10mR100m
US Mega MillionsR50mR500m
US PowerballR50mR500m
OZ LottoR10mR100m
Euro MillionsR25mR250m
Australia PowerballR25mR250m
UK LotteryR10mR100m
Euro JackpotR15mR150m
Irish LottoR4mR20m
German LottoR5mR25m
Mega SenaR10mR50m
Russian Goslotto (5/36)R1,05mR3,5m
Russia Goslotto (6/45)R3mR15m
Russia Goslotto (4/20)R7,5mR56,25m
Russia Goslotto (7/24)R15mR112,5m


Yes. Datagame analytics offers each of its client a software warranty solution that will cover the jackpot amount in the event of a win. Datagame Analytics is able to do so as it procures its own insurances from the global market.

This will depend largely on how your software agreement with Datagame Analytics is structured. If our standard software agreement is selected than you will always have the ability to pay more than one winner per event. This will however always be subject to the overall warranty limits that we have in place. You will be required to update your T&C’s with the relevant limits relating to this product to ensure that your maximum daily payout limits for this product assist you in mitigating your own risk.

Use of the Datagame Analytics software solution requires upfront payment and will always operate on a pre-payment basis. Please refer to the detailed cost schedule to get the latest cost per bet pricing.

In order to provide its clients with a pure cost-per-solution Datagame Analytics requires prepayment of its software fees. Prepayments for software costs are not refundable – however can be utilized by the bookmaker until completely utilized.

No. whilst you are required to pre-pay for your services, no monthly minimum fees apply for the use of this product.

Yes. In fact for perhaps the first time ever you will be able to reward your retail customers with a free lucky numbers jackpot bet without having to worry about the potential losses from your balance sheet.

You will inform Datagame Analytics of the win and provide the relevant winners declarations and verification of identity documents as prescribed in your agreement. Once verified the amount will be paid over to you.

Yes – Datagame Analytics has received a letter of suitability to distribute the product in South Africa via Turfsport’s Wagering Solution.

All bets are processed by Turfsport which means that you will experience NO change to your existing business practices including the extraction of tax reports.


Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.